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Da Shayna Punims

Challah at me mug

Challah at me mug

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Everyone will be chall-ering at you with our new Challah at Me mug! An exclusive DSP (Da Shayna Punims) design, this mug is covered in everyone's favorite bread, challah, with some fun words to go with it. Design wraps all the way around the mug, so it works no matter if you're left or right handed!

The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, and we don't judge, so use it to drink coffee, tea, water, Diet Coke, Manischewitz, you name it! Whether you accompany your beverage with some challah french toast is totally up to you, mug holds 12 oz of yumminess.

(And no it is not a plaited loaf get out of here Paul Hollywood)
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